After Topper’s Scam, Bihar to link Exams to Aadhaar Card

Topper’s scam recently reported in Bihar is a learning lesson for the Bihar School examination Board (BSEB). After this scam, Bihar school examination board is decided to link the examination form with their Aadhaar card number.

This will be implemented for the exams which will be held in November. This initiative will bring the transparency in the exams and facilitate easy access to the documents, and also avoid duplication.

This is the first to be implemented by any state in the country. According to this announcement by BSEB, students who have to apply for the exam and do not have the Aadhaar Card Number will have to apply for the same. In case, any failure to provide Aadhaar card number, he/she must have to give a valid reason for not providing it to the school principal.

This year, approx 58 lakh students are to appear for the exams. All the students have to keep their Aadhaar card number handy. There will be a separate column to fill the Aadhaar card number in the forms from 2017 exams.

This decision was taken after the meeting of BSEB Chairman, Anand Kishor and Unique Identifiaction Authority of India (UIDAI) DG Ajay Bhushan Pandey.

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