Arunachal Pradesh starts the web-based educational program

Web based educational program

Arunachal Pradesh on Friday became the first state in the country to start on the web-based enlightening program for all schools in association with Google. Baptized as chief Minister, the program “global education”, the education system will initially be launched in 50-100 schools more than 7,000 schools in the state and later extended to other stages.

The system is a solution designed for teachers and students through Chromebooks to bring the power in the web class. The system will provide free tools to enhance performance, to simplify and save time in class, Gmail, documents, in addition to providing thousands of teacher-approved apps, books and videos using laptops and tablets.

The chief Minister urged the officials of the Department of education to work for making the program successful formulation of the problem and said the new concept will become the flagship programme of the state government.

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