Bangalore University is installing CCTV cameras for paper valuation

Bangalore University, CCTV cameras in Bangalore university,


To monitor the paper evaluation and to avoid malpractices, marks scams and paper evaluation scams, Bangalore University is now installing CCTV cameras for paper valuation. From November 27, 2014, UG examination paper evaluation started in the University and Around 44 CCTV cameras have been installed the evaluation centre and the university is taking all steps to restrict the entry of unofficial people to the evaluation centres

According to The Registrar of Evaluation, Prof Ningegowda, approximately 3,500 evaluators will evaluate the exam papers and each evaluator will get a package of 18 papers. He also said those 35 CCTV cameras in 2013 and it has been amplified to 44.  The University issued ID cards to evaluators without which they will be permitted to evaluate the paper at evaluation centres.

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