CAT (Common Admission test) – preparation tips, 11 weeks left


CAT is the national level MBA entrance exam conducted by the IIMs. CAT 2015 exam will be held on 29 November 2015 by IIM Ahmadabad. CAT exam have been changing in some way or every year. But still the mixture of strategy, planning and implementation will help to score well. Time is passing by, exam is approaching, and students are advised to start preparing and geared up the big day. There are number of books available for the preparation such as MBA entrance exam preparation books. Registration for the exam has already started and will close on 20th September 2015.

Tips and strategies to crack the exam:

Candidates have still time to start preparation for the CAT exam. Every candidate is suggested to start preparation by doing proper time management, plan strategies and follow the tips properly. This would surely help you to crack the exam. Regular study, Practice, self-analysis and adaptability to the tricks are the main stakes for the preparation t this level.

#TIP: 11-8 week to CAT- It seems that you have long time in hand. Start with basics, learn new topics. This period is the initial stage for preparation. At this stage you have to make your base strong and concepts clear. Focus more on weak areas and practice the strong areas. Devote more time in reading and clearing the concepts. Analyse the main topics from the previous year question papers and focus on those topics. Practice as much as you can.

#TIP: 7-5 week to CAT: At this time you have to evaluate your learning. Candidates are suggested to start doing mock test papers when they have just 7-5 weeks left. This would help you to identify your weak areas. And also helps you to analyze the topics or the section you have good command on. Mock test would be an intensive part of preparation now. Don’t memorise the things. Rather than memorising, start clearing the concepts.

#TIP: 4-2 Weeks to CAT- Finally, at this time we can say, exam is approaching. Backward counting starts form this time. Hardly a month left. At this time, candidate is suggested to start revising the strong areas and main topics. Make a good command on them. At this point of time, do not start any new topic. Practice as much mock test papers as you can. This would help you to analyze your speed and accuracy level. Also do the previous year papers this would help you to analysis the paper pattern. Grasp the things you have prepared till now.

#TIP: 1 Week to CAT- Finally it is now a week left for the big day. At this point of time, most of students start gets nervous. It is suggested to not to get nervous. Bring your confidence level up. Brush up the things you have prepared till now. Revise from the notes. Do mock test regularly. It will help you to adjust your body and brain according to the paper.

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