CBSE class XII Maths exam: 7 topics to get marks up to 90%

CBSC Board Class XII Mathematics

You can easily score 90% or more marks if you become very focused towards the exam and you have appropriate time -table for exam preparation.

Do not ignore your health, Get proper sleep and eat a balanced nutritious diet and study at least 10 hours a day to get your target-

Topics that you will strongly need to revise to get 90% above:

→Differential equations

→Matrices and determinants

→Probability (Bayes Theorem)

→Three Dimensional Geometry

→Linear Programming

→Continuity & Differentiability

→Application of Derivatives (Word Problem)


CBSE Mathematics Exam 2015 Question patters:


SECTION A: (1 mark questions)


Q.NO.1: Vector Algebra

Q.NO.2: Vector Algebra

Q.NO.3: Three Dimensional Geometry

Q.NO.4: Matrices & Determinants

Q.NO.5: Differential equations

Q.NO.6: Differential equations


SECTION B: (4 marks questions)


Q.NO.7: Matrices

Q.NO.8: Matrices – CHOICE – Matrices

Q.NO.9: Properties of Determinant

Q.NO.10: Integration

Q.NO.11: Integration – CHOICE – Integration

Q.NO.12: Probability – CHOICE – Probability

Q.NO.13: Vector Algebra

Q.NO.14: Three Dimensional Geometry – CHOICE – Three dimensional geometry

Q.NO.15: Inverse trigonometry functions – CHOICE – Inverse trigonometry functions

Q.NO.16: Continuity & Differentiability

Q.NO.17: Continuity & Differentiability

Q.NO.18: Continuity & Differentiability

Q.NO.19: Integration


SECTION C: (6 marks questions)


Q.NO.20: Relation & Functions – CHOICE – Relation & Functions

Q.NO.21: Differential Equations – CHOICE – Differential Equations

Q.NO.22: Linear Programming

Q.NO.23: Three Dimensional Geometry

Q.NO.24: Probability (Bayes Theorem)

Q.NO.25: Area under the curve (AOI

Q.NO.26: Application of Derivatives (Word Problem)

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