CBSE Ready to Mention Caste in Class 10 Certificate






Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has now allowed students to get their caste quoted on their class 10 certificates.  A notice has been issued to schools and they have passed to the students.  According to a government school teacher in Delhi, students can get their case mentioned on their 10 class pass certificate if they want. However, it is strictly optional and no one will be forced to do it.

Some schools had requested CBSE to include this option as lots of institutes demand the certificates of caste from CBSE board students.  However, as clarified by the CBSE head Vineet Joshi, this should be treated as a caste certificate as it has no authority to issue the same.

City schools have shown a mixed response to the provision as a large number of students are refusing this option.  Many people say it will increase polarization in a classroom.  Many others are treating it as a useful step because it eliminates the need of additional caste certificate. As long as it is not made mandatory, it’s a matter of personal choice and freedom.

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