CITI-NCPA announces scholarship for Advanced Training in Hindustani Music

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai and Citi India have joined hands to invite applications for the 8th edition of ‘Citi-NCPA Scholarship for Advanced Training in Hindustani Music’. The scholarship has been awarded under the aegis of the ‘citi-NCPA Guru Shishya Program’ in order to preserve and propagate Hindustani Music to the future generations.

2016 edition aims to highlight the scholarships for advanced training in Hindustani Music in Melody Instruments like Sitar, Sarod, Violin, Flute, Harmonium etc.

Ever since the Citi-NCPA Music Scholarship program started it has always focussed on strengthening and furthering the major components of the ecosystem of Hindustani Music in the country.


Citi-NCPA Guru Shishya Scholarship Program has helped to enable 20 scholars to build up their expertise and skill and also advanced awareness and interest in Hindustani Classical music.

In the year 2016, the scholarship is aimed at supporting nine scholars in the age group between 18-30(as of March 1, 2016) through a yearlong scholarship for advanced training in Hindustani music in Vocals (Khayal, Dhrupad) and Melody Instruments like sitar, sarod, violin, flute, harmonium etc.


Citi-NCPA have entered into a partnership for the following 4 programmes:


  • Citi-NCPA Guru Shishya programme to support eminent gurus to nurture disciples in the music form they themselves specialise in.
  • Cit-NCPA Music Scholarship to support deserving students in their pursuit of Hindustani music.
  • Citi-NCPA Aadi-Anant also called travelling music festival that offers a large opportunity to community to experience Indian Classical music maestros as well as upcoming musicians.
  • Citi-NCPA Music for Schools program that aims at nurturingan interest for music in young children.


Each scholarship is for Rs. 90,000 for a period of one year. The scholarships are provided in cash to train under their respective teachers/institutes.

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