Dos and Don’ts while preparing for SSC CGL Exam 2015

Do's and Don'ts

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam contains 4 sections which includes Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General English and General Awareness. At this point of time, there should be a strategy for the exam. Time spend on the preparation of different sections varies as per the students. The two most important sections are Maths and English so they are needed to be focused equally. At the same time, the section of General Knowledge and reasoning are asked only in Tier1 Examination so there is no need to focus much in this section. For an effective preparation of SSC CGL Exam 2015, Buy SSC Books Online from

10 Dos

  • Be strong and confident: Keep yourself strong and confident about what you studied. The stronger you will be, the more confidence you will have.
  • Do take entertainment breaks: To keep yourself out of nervousness and tension, ensure to give yourself some entertainment breaks in which you watch T.V., play some game and even have walk outside the house.
  • Have a proper routine: Try not to cram and end up messed up. Try to study at the same time each for a fixed amount of time. Don’t forget about pacing yourself up time to time.
  • Keep revising: Make sure that the part you have studied already, you revise it daily so that in the last minute before exam you will never feel messed up and puzzled.
  • Try to mix and match: Try to carry the verbal and the math subject along. Do study each subject, irrespective of its type (verbal and math), on the daily basis.
  • Focus more on weaknesses: Try to focus on your weak subjects and the problem areas. Don’t think that you can make up the lack of your ability in one section by scoring high in your strong section. This can be a critical mistake as the less you score in your weak section can harm your result more than the acing the strong section will improve.
  • Find out tricks for yourself: Try to find tricks and shortcuts for yourself so that you can apply them in the exam and complete your paper successfully on time.
  • Go out and take a walk: Go out of the house for a walk or to play so when you come back home and sit to study, you feel fresh and free minded.
  • Keep a check on your accuracy: Do surely attempt only those questions in which there is no scope of error because there is negative marking for each wrong question, you must answer carefully to maximize your marks.
  • Manage your time well: Try to give all the subjects required amount of attention and time. Even in the exam, try to manage your time between all the sections.

10 Don’ts

  • Don’t mug up:

Nervousness is a bad sign before an exam. It can even lead to mugging things up and make you confused.

  • Don’t study for long hours:Don’t study for long hours and try to have breaks while studying. Short hours study gives you strong focus.
  • Avoid last minute heavy preparation:Try to avoid the heavy preparation of the last minute. It might make you nervous and can even lead to mugging up the topics.
  • Don’t burden yourself:Don’t burden yourself with the course pressure. Be confident about whatever you prepared.
  • Don’t be nervous:Nervousness leads to confusion. Be positive and certain about your preparation.
  • Avoid confusion:Confusion sometimes manage to make you answer the question wrongly and later leads to regret.
  • Don’t be stressed:At the time of exam you need to take care that you don’t fall into any kind of stress of the exam. Try to have entertainment breaks.
  • Avoid watching negative impact shows:Take entertainment breaks and in that breaks if you watch TV then don’t watch those shows which leave a negative impact on mind. Watch light hearted comedy shows.
  • Don’t mess up:Try not to mess between your subjects which will lead you to confusion and nervousness.
  • Don’t forget to revise:While exams, revision of what you have already studied till now is important as it makes your particular topic strong and makes you confident.

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