Government’s first ever attempt to involve average citizen in policy making: Invites suggestion for New Education Policy!

HRD Minister

Education plays a great role in the life of everyone all through the life. Good education is constructive in nature which constructs our future forever. Education is far more than the marks you receive. It’s about understanding right from wrong and having the knowledge you need to stay afloat in today’s society. It is now good to know that government is taking initiative to reform education system.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister, Smriti Irani has invited people to come up with the new and innovative ideas and projects which can transform education system. In this respect, government has created a web page on its new website with a slogan “Dream, Design, Deliver; help us change the way we educate India. They are appealing people with this new page to come up with new and innovative ideas and projects and submit them.


  • Project word limit- 500 words
  • Only those ideas would be considered which can be implemented within 12 months.
  • Last date for submission is 29th October.
  • Winners will be given a chance to implement their idea in the field over a period of 12 months.

With this launch of new web page, government also launched one more web page i.e. “interact with the HRM” where people can submit their grievances and suggestion.

This would surely be a good move. This is the first ever attempt of government to involve average citizen in policy making. The aim behind introducing these two web pages is to provide opportunities to people to participate in policy making system.

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