Manage Your Time the Right Way

how to manage your time


It all began when you signed in to you Facebook/Twitter account and pledged from within to sign out it in 20 minutes and then, you never really signed out. And so this went on until you eventually fell prey to ‘Time management disorder’. Who doesn’t like a perfectly scheduled time table without any possibility of never following it though one needs an ‘Iron-will’ to keep up with that.

Many a times this has happened that you create a beautifully organized ‘Time Table’ of your day activities and pin it to your study shelf only to never follow it and never unpinning it because it never really hurts to be happy for the fact that at least you ‘DO’ have a time table, even though you haven’t followed it since ages.

A recent study in US showed how ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the many reasons why people fail to manage their time efficiently. A disorder developed in recent past, ADHD owes all the credit of its genesis to Technology and its various forms. Be it smart phones or social networking sites, you know how well equipped they are in keeping you pre-occupied with stuff which eats most of your time in a day. Undoubtedly, these tech-minions are growing by leaps and bounds to serve the mankind in their best way possible. Yet, the larger mass (read: Students, Jobless people) has opted for the other way (which is, wasting their time till the Apocalypse and resigning to their sorry fate)

Managing time is one of the hardest rules one could come across in their lives. It is even harder than geometry and algebra because all of us find it easier to hit the snooze button than waking up 5 minutes earlier than usual in the morning. We would rather be stuck in a Traffic Jam for 15 minutes but starting from home 15 minutes earlier seems an abhorrent torture.

Creating a planner and asking your mother to schedule your time is too mainstream. Admit it, we all have been there, done that and failed shamelessly. The key to manage your time is, however, very simple -Organising your daily activities into small routines.
Simple as it sounds, it is quite easy to follow if you put your foot down this time to manage your time efficiently. Any prolonged activity leads to a diminishing productivity. So try finishing a task in shorter time span and take intervals if you want to, but never exceed them beyond 10 minutes.
Repetitive tasks such as waking up, having breakfast and checking Facebook posts should be done on the same time every day, in a limited time frame. This way, your brain will ensure that you finish your tasks in required time and you’d be surprised to see your efficiency in work. Plan your work according to the requirements. However, if you are a student, most of your requirements are pointed to studies, thus dismantle the 24-hours-day schedule in a way that the study period doesn’t seem to be burdensome. Take relevant intervals, stick to your allotted time as much as you can.
These preachments might not be help you to become the best ‘Time-Management’ freak though you might find easier ways to manage half of your day time effectively.
Ace time management and you’ll be set once and for all though you’ll have to bid farewell to certain perks of wasting time to get bigger Cadburys of time management.(humor fail)

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