IIM to Ensure Student’s Inclusive Growth with Diverse Programmes

IIM fraternity has decided to provide extra classes in subjects like statistic and accounting for the non-engineer students. This step is being taken to ensure inclusive growth for the students, coming from different educational background.
To ensure inclusive growth for the students, the institutes have decided to implement inclusive model of education .The autonomous nature of the IIM allows the premier institutes to induct various programmes.

The postgraduate programme in management covers a wide range of first courses from diverse functional areas. These areas cover sectors like communication, HR, economics, finance, operations, and statistics. In the second year, students are given option to take elective courses of their choice. Hence in inclusive curriculum , no student from any particular academic background has an advantage and all are encouraged to apply equally.


Objectives and Measures:

  • One of the prime reason to implement inclusive curriculum in the IIM programmes is the concern that candidates coming from diverse educational background should be provided with equal opportunity
  • Student from engineering background might find the quantitative papers easier. However, in the following semester or academic year, student from the commerce background would have an edge in Business paper. In this manner, every candidates will be able to enjoy equal advantages.
  • To encourage the students for inclusive growth, IIM Udaipur advised every students for online mathematics courses, soon after admission.
  • For those students coming from non-commerce background,  IIM fraternity provides extra classes in accounting and statistics on regular basis.
  • IIM Udaipur is putting extra effort like providing extra courses including quizzes for its students.
  • In their new initiative they encourage students to avail these courses for just Rs 5000.
  •  Students  who score 70 per cent in the course, are eligible to get 75 per cent refund of thier enrollment fee. Every student is encouraged to go through it. This way, it is ensured that students get to do some basic revision before they come into the classroom.
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