Independence Day India – As we know it

August 15 Speech



As India celebrates its 68th Independence Day this year, people will see certain changes in the otherwise usual Independence Day celebrations held at Red fort in Delhi.

This time, Narendra Modi, India’s current Prime Minister will be hoisting Indian Flag on the parapet of Red Fort in Delhi, and given the orating skills our current Prime Minister possess, it is expected that India is certainly going to feel the spirit of Independence. What India has experienced on Independence Day speeches (so far) is that the prime minister highlights the past year’s achievements of the country, mentions important issues and calls for further development.

But how many of us connect to the speech sessions conducted by Honorable minister and President seen on news channels the entire day? Not many, right? Well, after taking the front seat in election program 2014, Narendra Modi is surely expected to bring some changes in the Independence Day celebrations and it is pretty much evident that this time more number of people will gather around Red Fort to listen to Narendra Modi.

Independence Day, for many, has always been more of a national holiday than anything else. In India, the spirit of patriotism is marked by patriotic songs being played in loop all day long followed by constant surfing of news channels to catch glimpses of Red Fort on-goings. Whatsapp and Facebook statuses change from usual ‘philosophy quotes’ to ‘I love my INDIA’ on that day to testify to the ‘Indian-ness” people carry within themselves. Some jingoists reach the height of ultimate patriotism so much so that they change their Whatsapp and Facebook Profile pictures to a legend’s face or most commonly, India’s waving flag. This is how Independence Day is celebrated in all honesty. Well there’s nothing wrong with that. At least, we, as Indians acknowledge the true spirit of this day to the extent that every time a neighborhood guy plays ‘Vande Mataram’, we feel a sudden huge lump in our throat which is followed by an inflated chest marking a feeling of extremely high respect for our motherland, though sooner than we realize, the next day comes and the spirit of Patriotism goes away. This is us. This is the real Independence Day most of the Indians celebrate. While India struggles every day to make it to the developed country stature, corruption comes midway to play the spoilsport. And then, there’s Independence Day when we forget all our struggles and presume that our country is the best, sans all the corruption and population concerns. Yes, we do that because it is a day to remind ourselves that India is a free country and no matter how many problems bind us, we must find a way to free ourselves the rut.

Nonetheless, India has come a long way since it’s first Independence day and we must acknowledge this fact very well.

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