JEE Main Advanced Engineering Examinations 2014


Joint entrance examination or JEE is one of the prestigious examinations in India where 1/4rth of the population has religiously applied for it ever since the concept of JEE mains and advanced started, back in 2012. JEE main 2014 and JEE advanced 2014 both have seen a staggering amounts of applications which have shrunk to a limited 10000 seats in IITs and other JEE-affiliated institutes across the nation. While clearing JEE mains 2014 proves to be a litmus test for furthering the exam level to JEE advanced 2014, many students, who could clear JEE mains 2014 also managed to get into NITs and several state funded engineering institutes.

As Indians obsession with engineering has been soaring without any decline, a few JEE main advanced 2014 aspirants faced an audacity to diverge from the engineering hokum to seek anything but engineering. The stats are evidently shocking to describe how every 6th engineering degree holder is unemployable. This is what engineering fuss has come to, where engineering students have started to realize the overhyped status of engineering.

JEE main and advanced 2014 received a no. of applications from students across the country where only a few could make it to the end. Keeping preparation and coaching aside, the conviction that a student holds in pursuing engineering as a career also holds relevance. JEE main advanced 2014 might come off as a big thing for any JEE aspirant though getting into it isn’t so easy. Above all, what matters most is the willingness to take up engineering as a preference rather than taking it up out of burden.

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