JEE is the most sought after exam for the students preparing for entrance exams in the renowned institutions of the country for Engineering. Since 12 th class board exams are over and students are all buckled to give their best shot in JEE exam to be held on April 3, 2016, there is a lot of anxiety and nervousness in the air. In this crucial time, Disha publication brings you some elixir to relief. Following are the last minute tips to be followed to achieve excellent result in the upcoming exam.

Basics to Remember:

  • Time Table: Candidates have to make time table for JEE Preparation. Divide your time subject wise depending on your caliber.
  • Study Material: Know your exam well; check the latest syllabus and exam pattern. Candidates can prepare with book, reference book (guide), previous paper, notes etc.
  • Preparation: A goodcandidate always concentrates on exam preparation and studies regularly with books and keep maintain notes for last time preparation. Also, along with books, students should solve and practice previous years papers.
  • Believe in Yourself: Always believe in yourself and think about your aim to would be succeeded in the JEE Exam. Try to don’t lose the self confidence.
  • Stress Management: Always keep your mind cool and stress free. Rest your mind after long study. Students should take breaks and play their favorite sports or listen to soothing music after long time study. Meditation is also a good stress buster.
  • Time Management: Time Management is most important for JEE Exam.  Candidates should give proper time to study with books and other study materials like previous year papers, notes, magazines etc.
  • Make Hand Notes: Regularly make own notes for JEE Exam, for easy understanding and revise the previous topics.
  • Know your Strength and Weakness: Candidates should check their weakness and work hard to remove their weak point in study. Mange time to solve the hard and easy topics in your JEE syllabus.
  • Be Positive: Candidates should make positive thinking about the exam and their future result. Don’t be afraid about the exam paper.
  • Maintain Good Health: A good mind resides in good body. Take good care of your health, avoid junk food. Have healthy and nutritious meals and avoid any bad habit such as too much caffeine, smoking or alcohol.
  • Take Advice from Expert: Candidates if you feel confused in any topic & question then to you should take an advice to your expert/teacher. Don’t waste time to solve these types of question.
  • Practice is the Key: “Practice makes a man perfect”. Since the student has to not just learn but write the exams, so practice till you succeed.
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