Minecraft: Education Edition, Launched by Microsoft for Schools

Microsoft finally launched Minecraft Education Edition for schools children on Tuesday. This is game software available at $ 5 per user. This game software will make learning more interesting.

This game software, Minecraft: Education Edition was previously launched in june with an early access version however the full version gets a companion app called “Classroom Mode”. This is available in 11 languages and approx 50 countries around the world. The classroom mode offers educators the ability to interact with students and manage settings from a central user interface.

Highlights of Minecraft: Education Edition

  • This game software contains a classroom tools and a way to roll out the accounts to every student in a class.
  • This is available in windows 10 version and macOS version as well.
  • This app enable educators to manage world settings, communicate with students and teleport them in the Minecraft world.
  • This new edition is similar to old edition. The difference between the old and new edition is that, in new edition teacher can see the location of students.
  • Moreover, this new game software has new in game items, camera and chalk board.
  • This will also help teachers to explore subjects and students can use it for learning purpose. This new game software makes the learning more interesting.


To get started with Minecraft: Education Edition, one needs to follow the below mentioned steps-

  1. Upgrade the systems to Windows 10 or MacOS
  2. Sign up for a free Office 365 Education account using school or district email.
  3. Download Minecraft: Education Edition.


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