Of Sulabh and Shauchalaya


Ever wondered what exactly does ‘Sulabh’ in Sulabh Shauchalya mean while passing public toilets in India? You would be amazed to know how almost 45 percent of people in India think that Sulabh is merely a prefix to ‘Shauchalya’ and added to ‘Shauchalya’ to give it a presentable name. However, it’s not.

Before you get stuck in quandary and begin to Question your IQ levels for not knowing what ‘Sulabh’ is, we will briefly describe this word  followed by an honest summary on why India urinates conveniently (sometimes not) in public toilets, commonly known as ‘Sulabh Shauchalya’.

This unprecedented effort placed on sanitation and hygiene in India was made by a non-government organization, Sulabh International (not a prefix, yes), which has been actively working to promote human rights, sanitation in environment, public hygiene and many social reforms through various paradigms. With over thousands of Volunteers joining the support, Sulabh International has become the largest non-profit organization of India and it continues to bring reforms in Public sanitation system.

Founded by Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak in 1970, Sulabh International has established itself as the sole organization working towards the public sanitation system aggressively.

In October 2007, Sulabh International announced the design of a cheap toilet system that could recycle human waste intofertilizers.

Apart from the Hygiene and sanitation business, Sulabh’s other works include setting up English-medium public schools. It also aims at providing a network of Training Centres spread all over the country to train boys and girls particularly belonging to the families of Scavengers so that they can compete in open job market.

Sulabh International is serving a purpose to provide better public sanitation facilities along with several other motives.


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