Parag Havaldar, IIT Kharagpur Alumnus won Technical Oscar Award

Recently IIT Kharagpur Alumnus has won the most prestigious Award in Technical Achievement i.e. the Scientific & Technical Award Prize which is also known as Technical Oscar award . The award was given by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. This is indeed the most proud moment for the country.

Parag Havaldar is the one who won this prestigious award and made the country proud.  He is being honoured for the development of expression-based facial performance-capture technology at Sony Pictures Image works.

Prarag Havaldar basically works as a software supervisor at Sony Pictures Image works. He engages in the role to take care of the company’s efforts in the area of performance capture. The technology which he developed has contributed significantly in creating realistic character animations in movies like Alice In wonderland, Monster House, Hancock and Spiderman.

He will be presented with an Oscar on February 11th 2017 and main ceremony will be held on February 26th in the United States.

About Parag Havaldar and his achievements:

Parag Havaldar had done his BTech in computer science and engineering in 1991 from IIT. Parag Havaldar did his PhD in computer vision and graphics from the University of Southern California in 1996. The lists of achievements were announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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