Regional and Tribal Languages to be Included in JPSC and SSC Exams

The Jharkhand state government has decided to include regional and tribal languages in the main papers of examinations to be conducted by the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) and the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). English and Hindi will be given less emphasis and the question papers will have a higher percentage of questions on Jharkhand.

This move is believed to facilitate the entry of local and tribal population in state government jobs. The term ‘local’ has been defined by the government on April 7.

To meet the purpose a committee of experts of more than a dozen languages like Santhali, Kudukh, Ho, Kharia, Mundari,(Munda), Kurmali, Panchpargania, Nagpuri, Khortha, Bangla, Odiya, has been constituted to prepare the material.

JPSC has also requested for constitution of a committee to prepare the syllabus and question bank in various tribal and regional languages.

Major changes in the syllabus of JPSC for recruitment of class 1and 2 level officers at the state level are as follows:

  • A separate general studies paper in the preliminary examinations focussing entirely on Jharkhand
  • The language paper of the mains exam including all regional and tribal languages, besides Hindi and English- will be of 150 marks.
  • The Social Science paper in mains examination would now have 40 per cent questions specifically related to Jharkhand.
  • Now the aspirants will get a carbon copy of the OMR sheets in the prelims exams and their answer scripts and also their applications will not be cancelled on technical grounds.
  • In the SSC examination a new paper on languages and literature has been introduced.
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