SBI PO Prelims Exam 2015: Tips and Strategies-General English

Important Tips

The General English section of the examination is considered to be one of the higher scoring sections. True, it may be easier in comparison and allows opportunity to score higher, but due to the vastness of the English language, the section cannot be neglected in terms of preparation. The English section consists of questions based on synonyms, antonyms, passages, jumbled paragraphs, fill in the blanks, sentence correction, etc. To help the candidates gather the highest possible scores in this section with great speed and accuracy here are a few tips and tricks listed below:

Building your vocabulary

Regularly building and strengthening your vocabulary is the crucial part of doing well in the General English section. All the tips and tricks in the world cannot help a candidate if he/she does is not capable of comprehending the questions. There are a lot of questions where synonyms and antonyms play a part. So building your vocabulary is a must for the candidate. To do so thorough reading of newspapers, magazines, articles on the web or any material that suits your interest on a daily basis is important. Further attaining flash cards from coaching centers where they have designed them keeping in mind the probable words that may be used is also helpful. Writing regularly even if it is maintaining a blog not only helps build one’s confidence and comfort level with the English language but also helps one sentence formation and analysis abilities.

Getting the Basics

A candidate has to understand that the term of the section “General English” literally means general. The basics of the English language such as understanding the tenses, sentence formation, word meanings and their usage, etc all contribute towards successfully learning questions related to paragraph jumbled tests, comprehension, filling in the blanks, etc.

Practice and Reading Regularly

The saying ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ literally means accomplishing two objectives with a single action. So when candidates are advised to regularly read up articles, journals, etc to improve their chances in the General English section, you also gain valuable information that will contribute towards improving your chances in the General Awareness section too. So don’t get picky. Find a book, read regularly even during your free time and attain knowledge that will help you achieve better scores in the two sections.

Time Management

General English may be one of the easier scoring sections, but that does not mean the candidates can let the tempo slip up when attempting the section. With regular practice and proper planning the candidates can manage their time wisely in the section and save themselves quite a bit of time to be passed over to the other more difficult sections such as quantitative aptitude and reasoning.

Useful Books for SBI PO Prelims Exam 2015:
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