Smriti Irani Asks IIM’s to Create Original Knowledge

IIM's Original Knowledge


The Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani asked IIM’s to create original knowledge and purposed a 13 point agenda for IIM’s for developing their organization proficiency in different areas comprising the National Development Goals.

While Addressing the Directors and Chairpersons of Institutes of Managements (IIM’s) in Bengaluru, she urged the Chairpersons and Directors of IIM’s to develop the plans and schemes to make the nation ready with both teacher and manpower.

She expressed that the IIM’s, along with IITs, IIITs and Central Universities, should make a method to create a worldwide Talent Pool of well-known persons that are capable to benefit not only IIM’s but also the other institutions in the country as well.  She said that IIM’s should build a knowledge association just like IIM Ahmadabad in a bid to add up various institutions to create possible notions such as twinning and credit transfer.

The meeting was concentrated on issues such as ICT, National Ranking Framework for the management institutions and enrolment procedure in IIM’s, review of the institutes, national development goals and steps to increase the publicly significant research to make a superior impact on national policy carrying out.

She also asked IIM’s to build up an extraordinary programme for students of the North-Eastern states and work with local industries and local communities with the intention of improve their supervision capability. She said IIM’s should contribute their management expertise for the development of national projects such as Green Cities and smart cities.  She expressed IIM’s need to build up a structure for ranking management institutions according to the priorities of the developing countries to assist domestic institutions practise educational excellence.

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