Strike a balance between 12 class Board and IIT JEE Preparation

Balance Between JEE & Board Exam

Candidates are mostly found perplexed s to what to give more importance to. It becomes difficult to balance board and JEE Preparation. This thought leaves them confused and stressed.

Are you finding it difficult to manage your 12th Class board exam preparation along with JEE?

Here are some of the interventions by our experts which will help you to identify how and what to give importance to.

  • It is important to stay positive and focused.
  • Avoid cramming. While preparing for JEE one must make it clear to oneself that simply mugging up won’t help pass this highly competitive exam.
  • It is crucial to understand the concepts and learn to apply it to the problems. This exam tests candidate’s aptitude and not bookish knowledge.
  • Students can easily establish an equilibrium between their JEE preparation and personal life, only if they are focused and content.
  • Failure to do justice to both exams is one of the fears that make students psychologically weaker. Thoughts of failure can lead to loss of concentration and worse, depression. To do away this problem
  • Another way to balance between boards and JEE test preparation is through IIT JEE Study Plan.
  • Create a study schedule to learn in an efficient manner. Invest time on all three subjects, and give more time to important topics.
  • Additionally, take JEE mock tests to know your preparation level. The sample tests help you know where you stand just before the exam.
  • Inability to balance between the exams and JEE burden results in depression and frustration. Hence, balancing both the preparations is really important for the mental of the students.

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