Study with Google: Company launches online courses in India

Study with Google

Search engine giant Google in collaboration with online education company Udacity launched IT courses in India to tutor the millions of software developers struggling for jobs. The duo of Google and Udacity teamed up with Indian conglomerate Tata will offer online technical courses. The purpose of the courses is to train the software developers in India about the process involved in developing apps for Android, the Google-backed mobile operating system. The cost for pursuing the courses will be Rs 9,800 (USD 148) a month and it will take between six and nine months to complete. The lessons will be taught by Google instructors based in the United States and 50% of the total course fee will be reimbursed after the completion of the course.

The companies will be offering 1,000 scholarships and all graduates will be invited to a job fair next year hosted by Google in India. The launch of the courses has come into play with PM Narendra Modi headed to the Silicon Valley on the lookout for foreign investment in India’s plethora of start-ups as well as establishing financial tie-ups with US tech giants.

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