Top 10 Tips Toppers of IAS Avoided


Indian Administrative service examination is conducted every year in India for the recruitment of the administrative service persons under various departments of the Indian Government. This is one of the most respected and well-paid jobs of the government in India.

However, to be an IAS officer is not an easy work as a lot of difficulties and long hours of preparation is needed to get success in this tough and highly competitive exams. About 1-2% of the total number of top in this exam.

There are many things that cause fiasco in IAS exam such as unplanned preparation, lack of appropriate study materials for IAS exam preparation, Negative approach, Unhelpful reading environment and so on. Shubhra Saxena(IAS topper 2008), Shah Faesal(the first Kashmiri to top the Indian Civil Services Examination and the first candidate from Kashmir in several years to be selected to the Indian Administrative Service in 2009), S. Divyadharshini(IAS topper 2010, Sneha Aggarwal( Topper, CBSE PMT, 2004) and Haritha V. Kumar (IAS topper 2012) avoids a lot of things which proved to be helpful for them to crack the exam easily. Top 10 Tips that Toppers of IAS have Avoided are mentioned here below:

1. Don’t Transform yourself into a bookworm:

There are a large number of brilliant and meritorious students who Study from morning till night and from night till morning while preparing for IAS exam and even after so much of study and hard work. Instead of this, they don’t need to be a very studious person. They just need to know the exact syllabus and be disciplined in their approach while preparation. Consistency is also an important factor as many students study for 10 to 12 hours a day and then take a beak to relax and they forget what they’ve learned and have to spend extra hours revising. So, overburden yourself and go through the NCERT textbooks for study material and set daily targets — about six hours of study a day in a systematic manner for IAS exam preparation.

2. Don’t Choose the Subjects recklessly:

Many students make selection of the subjects with which they are not comfortable with and it causes a great problem for them in the long run. So, to avoid problems while IAS preparation, Choose the subjects wisely from beginning as the preliminaries will be the first obstacle you have to overcome to sit for the Mains exam. If you are unable to identify the right answer in the prelims exam, your chances of qualifying the exam will get thinner. Alwys make Precise answers in Mathematics to save your valuable time during the examination.

3. Don’t choose Additional Subjects Hurriedly:

Be careful about choosing Additional Subjects and choose subjects you had studied during your graduation course, as it will help you grasp the matter easily and quickly. The selection of other subjects may invite bigger problems while preparation for the IAS exam as you will have to toil hard to understand the complex topics and issues you did not study in 10+2+3 courses.

4. General Knowledge preparation:

General knowledge is not actually one subject. It is an amalgamation of any number of subjects. So, you need to cover almost latest and most recent GK and current affairs is must. Don’t ignore this section as it will bring failure to you in the premlims exam itself.

5. Don’t Go after Coaching Centers:

Don’t go after coaching institutes and correspondence courses for the preparation of IAS exam more than a certain level. Focus more on timely self study, practice previous year’s exam questions, evaluation of your preparation and seek suggestions from Ex-exam toppers and expert teachers to do well in the exam.

6. Don’t Do following while preparing for an interview or facing the personality Test:

During the interview, it is obvious that the candidate will try to impress the evaluators. However, let them know your academic knowledge and not your sweet talk.

Don’t bluff the interviewers with your untrue information as Interviewers are much more experienced and capable than you, therefore; any lie can push you into a deep trouble.

Do not sound over-confident and Your answers should be short and clear.

Smile during the response as it is important to have a positive attitude while facing the IAS interview. Do not think about the results, just give it your best shot with a smile on your face and his will please the interviewers.

Don’t wear any fashionable clothes. Be simple and put on neat and clean formal dress.

7. Don’t lose your confidence level while exam preparation:

As the IAS preparation requires a considerable amount of time and patience from the aspirants. So, don’t lose your patience while exam preparation. If you are financially unsound, first prepare for some other government jobs to gain a solid financial backup and get some experience about the recruitment process of government jobs.

8. Language Skills:

Students must know their mother tongue and at least basic knowledge of English and should be able to express their views fluently in order to be selected for this prestigious job. Many talented candidates get rejected because of their poor communication skills.

9. Don’t ignore your Health:

Don’t ignore your health while exam preparation. Take enough sleep and have home-made light food materials to prepare for the exam.

10. Don’t refer too many books in last a few days of Exam:

Avoid going through a number of IAS preparation books before a few days of the exam as it might create confusion.

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