Work for the development of villages said by Smriti Irani to higher educational institutions

Work for development, development of villages, higher education institutes, Smriti Irani

Our current government is in full swing whether it’s Narendra Modi’s Teachers Day-Cum-Guru Utsav speech or our current minister of Human Resource Development, Smriti Irani’s gusto for linking educational Institutes and Rural areas of India, for the betterment of villages. What seems to be a generous motive to establish a strong foundation in Rural India might be traced from ‘Swades-Inspired’ initiative which seeks the abroad-going minds to come back in India and work towards creating the higher secondary education institutes in rural areas.

Smriti Irani’s call for a radical change in rural educational system lies firmly in the hands of the best technical institutions of India including IIT and NIT, to name a few. The ministry expects that the best technical institutions connect with rural set up of India and bring about educational opportunities within the same.

All centrally-funded institutions in India are encouraged to inculcate the ‘Rural development programme’ so that rural areas get the best utilization. This is one of the most significant factors which require a disciplined execution.

Naming it ‘Aadarsh Gram’ programme, the ministry of HRD is focusing on manifesting IITs and NITs research inputs into a better implementation which can be directed at rural development programmes and especially higher secondary education institutes.

Developing links with rural India will only serve job opportunities to young and brilliant minds but also cater to the inadequacies of rural educational set up.

Smriti Irani also hinted at the set up of a ‘cell’ especially to answer the queries related to linkage between technical institutions and rural areas. This would strengthen the plans of making the idea of ‘Aadarsh Gram’ a success.

Implementation of this programme will require a nod of consent from various technical institutions from across India thus the ministry of HRD seeks to promote this propaganda for the effevtive growth of rural areas.

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