Youth memorises 70,000 Pi digits and sets up Guinness record

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Rajveer Meena, 21 year old who is the resident of Mohocha village in Swaimadhapur district of Rajasthan has set a record by memorising 70,000 post-decimal digits of Pi. His record has been registered in the Guinness Books of World Records.

He has broken the record of a Chinese who held the record for 10 years.

This year in March, Rajveer Meena has made a record by reciting post decimal Pi values up to 70,000 digits in 9 hours 27 minutes.

He was also awarded the certificate of Guinness World Record for memory on October 1.

The official website of the Guinness World Records said, “The most decimal places of Pi memorised is 70,000, and was achieved by Rajveer Meena (India) at the VIT University, Vellore, India, on 21 March 2015. Rajveer wore a blindfold throughout the entire recall, which took nearly 10 hours.”

On March 21, Rajveer Meena also participated in the ‘Most Pi Places Memorised’ hosted at the university.

Meena is a B.Tech. degree holder and lives in Rajathan.

Lu Chao’s record was broken by Meena. Lu Chao recited post decimal Pi values up to 67,890 digits in 24 hours and 7 minutes, ten years ago, in 2005.

While speaking of his amazing memorising power, Meena said that the left side of the human brain is capable of storing visual memories for a longer period of time. He asaid that he had prepared pairs of digits, enabling him to quickly recall their sequence.

He claimed that he can memorize thousands of digits by sequencing it into an episode or transforming it into an object.

He further added that his memorising tips can help the other students learn complex formulae of science to crack competitive entrance examination.

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