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Buy the bestsellers for CBSE PSA Books (Class 9 & 11) Online

Buy CBSE PSA Books (Class 9 & 11) from India's top publisher CBSE PSA (Class 9 & 11) caters superior books on creative thinking, decision making, critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills and cbse sample papers.
Designed for Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) exam conducted by CBSE, this section comprises of Crack CBSE-PSA Class 9 (Study Material + Fully Solved Exercises + cbse sample papers) and Crack CBSE-PSA Class 11 (Study Material + Fully Solved Exercises + cbse sample papers). These PSA books cater to critical elements of the test like Qualitative Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Language Convention with cbse sample papers for PSA.

The CBSE PSA books focus on contextual usage, cloze tests in Language conventions; scientific passages, problem solving & reasoning oriented questions in Quantitative Reasoning; Making decisions, critical thinking and comprehension based questions in Qualitative Reasoning. The books contain 5 Model cbse sample papers based on the pattern of the latest exam. The books also provide the cbse sample papers questions as released by the CBSE

Disha was the first publisher to publish a book on CBSE PSA. The books have been bestsellers for 2 continuous years in a row. Another book 50 Cool stories 3000 Hot words is also very useful for CBSE PSA aspirants.

Disha is very soon coming with another unique series 'Breathing in Bodhi' which will comprise of 9 books and will prove to be very useful for all CBSE PSA aspirants. These books will help in building vocabulary, comprehension, contextual usage, general awareness, thinking skills, social & emotional skills, attitudes and values.