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Study Package for Physics for JEE Main & Advanced, BITSAT 2nd Edition


ISBN 9789385576614
Product Type BOOK
Author Name Er. D. C. Gupta
Publisher Disha Publication
Pages 2300
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Study Package for Physics for JEE Main & Advanced, BITSAT 2nd Edition


The most unique & innovative way to learn Physics – the Study Package for Physics for for JEE Main & Advanced - by Er. D. C. Gupta.
The updated & enlarged 2nd edition is a set of 12 booklets (7 for Class XI and 5 for Class XII) covering Mechanics, Heat, Waves, Electricity & Magnetism, Optics and Modern Physics.
• The package is an original work of the author and is a result of his rich experience of more than 15 years in training students for IIT-JEE.
• The whole material has been written with a unique style with focus on 100% Concept Clarity for the students.
• The study package presents the theory in great depth with discussion of a huge number of Solved Examples (depicting various cases possible in numerical problems) with near to real-life diagrams so as to provide 100% conceptual clarity to the students.
• The study package has been enriched with inclusion of a number of latest and new problems in 6 variety of exercises, be it Multiple Choice Questions, More than one correct, Statement Questions, Passage & Matrix type Questions, Subjective Integer Type Questions, Subjective Questions.
• The package contains 100s of Magical tips and techniques, which can do wonders in your preparation. Includes tips for faster problem solving.  
• Unique collection of Illustrative Examples along with numerous methods of analysis and shortcuts has been given in a systematic manner to assist the students to understand the concepts of the subjects.
• Alternate methods in various problems for more clarity and better Problem Solving Skills.
• The package has been flavoured with problems on the latest pattern of IIT-JEE.
• Multiple Choice Questions with one and more than one correct, Assertion-Reason type problems, Passage based questions and fully solved subjective problems have been incorporated without any repetition of problems.
• The study package also provide REVISION chapters containing Formulae, Important points and a revision exercise for last minute examination revision.
• The whole package has been divided into 4 parts –
Part I – General Mechanics which is divided into 3 booklets
Part II –Mechanics of Solids & Fluids, Thermodynamics & Wave Motion divided into 4 booklets
Part III – Electromagnetism divided into 3 booklets
Part IV – Wave & Ray Optics and Modern Physics divided into 2 booklets

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Author Name Er. D. C. Gupta
ISBN 9789385576614
Product Type BOOK
Pages 2300
Publisher Disha Publication
Release Date No
Validity No
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Table of Contents
Booklet 1
Chapter 0.  Mathematics Used In Physics
Chapter 1. Units, Dimensions, Error & Instruments
Chapter 2. Vectors
Chapter 3. Motion in 1D
Chapter 4. Motion in 2D And Constraint Relations
Booklet 2
Chapter 5. Laws of Motion and Equilibrium
Chapter 6. Circular Motion
Chapter 7. Work Energy and Power
Booklet 3
Chapter 8. Collision & Centre of Mass
Chapter 9. Gravitation
Chapter 10. Revision (Formulae & Important Points)
Hints & Solutions to Part I – Booklet 1 to 3
Booklet 4
Chapter 1. Rotational Mechanics
Chapter 2. Properties of Matter
Chapter 3. Fluid Mechanics
Booklet 5
Chapter 4. Simple Harmonic Motion
Chapter 5. Thermometry, Expansion & Calorimetry
Chapter 6. Kinetic Theory of Gases
Chapter 7. Laws of Thermodynamics
Chapter 8. Heat Transfer
Booklet 6
Chapter 9. Wave – I
Chapter 10. Wave – II
Chapter 11. Revision (Formulae & Important Points)
Hints & Solutions to Part II – Booklet 4 to 6
Booklet 7
Chapter 0. Mathematical Tools & Tips
Chapter 1. Electrostatics
Chapter 2. Capacitance and Capacitor
Booklet 8
Chapter 3. Direct Current and Electric Circuits
Chapter 4. Thermal and Chemical Effects Of Current
Chapter 5. Magnetic Force on Moving Charges And Conductor
Chapter 6. Magnetic Effects of Current
Booklet 9
Chapter 7. Permanent Magnet and Magnetic Properties Of Substances
Chapter 8. Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 9. AC And EM-Waves
Booklet 10
Chapter 10. Revision (Formulae & Important Points)
Hints & Solutions to Part III – Booklet 7 to 10
Booklet 11
Chapter 1. Reflection of Light
Chapter 2. Refraction and Dispersion
Chapter 3. Refraction at Spherical Surface, Lenses And Photometry
Chapter 4. Wave Optics
Booklet 12
Chapter 5. Electron, Photon, Atom, Photoelectric Effect and X-Rays
Chapter 6. Nuclear Physics
Chapter 7. Electronics
Chapter 8. Revision (Formulae & Important Points)
Hints & Solutions to Part III – Booklet 11 to 12