Disha 120 JEE Main Online (2022 - 2012) & Offline (2018 - 2002) Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Chapter-wise + Topic-wise Previous Years Solved Papers 6th Edition | NCERT Chapterwise PYQ Question Bank with 100% Detailed Solutions

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Books 1 - 3: The thoroughly revised and updated 9th Edition of Disha's Bestseller series - 120 JEE Main Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Online & Offline Chapter-wise & Topic-wise Previous Year Solved Papers provides the last 21 years ONLINE (2012 - 2022) & OFFLINE (2002 - 2018) papers.

✍ The book contains a total of 120 papers - 18 papers of JEE Main/ AIEEE from the year 2002 - 2018 held OFFLINE including the AIEEE 2011 Rescheduled paper and 102 JEE Main papers held ONLINE from 2012-2022.

✍ The book includes all the 23 papers held in 2022 - 13 of Session I (including 1 paper held for system failure) & 12 papers of Session II.

✍ The 120 papers are distributed into 29/ 31/ 28 Chapters in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics exactly following the chapter sequence of the NCERT books of class 11 and 12.

✍ The questions in each Chapter are further divided into 2-4 topics. The Questions are immediately followed by their detailed solutions.

✍ Each of the book constitutes of 3460+ MCQs & 590 Numeric Value Questions (NVQs) with Solutions.

Book 4 - Toppers Study Hacks

After interacting with thousands of students and interviewing 100's of Toppers, I realized that most of the students score less not because of lack of knowledge or hard work or intelligence but because of lack of guidance, planned approach and poor study techniques. So, the problem most of the students face is not of potential but of converting that potential into performance. Hard work should bring achievement but only when coupled with efficient and appropriate study techniques and proper strategy.

The book recapitulates and reinforces the basic strategies adopted by Toppers and helps in mastering study skills and techniques for efficient learning. This book would tell how to develop the right attitude towards an exam and also offer useful suggestions to overcome negativity and improve one's mental endurance and performance in crucial exams like Boards, JEE, NEET, and many more.

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