35 Landmark Historical (Ancient/ Medieval India) Developments for UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelim & Main Exams

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The 35 Landmark Historical (Ancient/ Medieval) Developments for UPSC & State PSC Civil Services Prelim & Main Exams is a book from Disha’s unique “LANDMARK SERIES.” This book presents 35 Most Important Historical Developments during the Ancient/ Medieval periods that have helped shape India.
Many important developments, such as The Mauryas, Rise of Ashoka, Rise of Kanishka, emergence of New Art Styles and the Silk Route, Gupta Empire, Harshavardhan, The Rise of Ghiyasuddin Balban, Khilji Revolution, Founding of the Vijayanagar Empire, The Suri Interregnum and the Rise of Afghans, Akbar: Consolidation of the Mughal Empire, Coming of Chinese and Arab Travellers, Beginning of Gandhara and Mathura Art, Climax of the Chola Architecture etc. are captured in detail.
Each development has been carefully selected based on detailed research and thorough analysis of the UPSC Prelim & Mains Papers. Each article covers the Background & Overview of the chosen Topic. The other aspects dealt are Objectives, Timelines, and Facts You Need to Know, Key Terms, Main Personalities, Outcome/Impact and Conclusion. Some of the articles also provide Flowcharts & Mind maps. At the end of the book, a lot of other Important Developments are covered in the Annexure. Further Prelims & Mains Previous Years’ Questions are given in the book.
This book will definitely help aspirants in writing better answers, particularly in GS Papers & Essay. It will build the conceptual clarity required for critical analysis and better reflection during the personality test.

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