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50 COOL STORIES 3000 HOT WORDS (Master VOCABULARY in 50 days) for GRE/ MBA/ SAT/ Banking/ SSC/ Defence Exams 2nd Edition

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Scared of cramming those miles long word lists? Wish you could have an easier, less frightening way of mastering vocabulary for SAT, CAT, MBA, GRE, GMAT, CLAT, Bank PO/ Clerk, SSC & other competitive exams. For the first time, in INDIA, Disha publishes a unique and innovative way to master wordlist. The thoroughly revised and updated 2nd edition of the book 50 COOL STORIES, 3000 HOT WORDS is a unique book for Vocabulary Building, based on the Learning through Contextual Usage strategy. The book is an excellent compilation of 50 titillating stories from diverse areas like, Law, Business, Linguistics, Media, Movies, Sports, Polity, Economics, sociology, technology, Demographics, Environment, Marketing, Infrastructure, etc. The stories provide usage of 3000 words very very useful to crack the mentioned exams. At the end of each story the author provides the words, their meaning, different forms of the word, synonyms etc. An alphabetical list of the words is provided at the end of the book for an easy reference. The book can be easily competed in 50 Hours. The book provides a radical approach of combining an extremely readable book and a dictionary in one package. The book also offers multiple benefits to the readers:
• Improves Vocabulary
• Improves General Knowledge
• Improves Reading Skills
• Teaches Contextual Usage
• Inputs for Essay Writing
• Inputs for GD/ PI
• Improves Socio-economic Awareness
• Updates on Current Trend & Issues
• Cool & Interesting Reading

Table of Contents
Book 1 - 50 Stories 3000 WORDS
Foreword 1
Foreword 2
Story 1: I'm gonna whup whoever stole my bike!
Story 2: Abolish the Scissors
Story 3: Skirts for boys,trousers for girls
Story 4: Could India have been an NSG member already?
Story 5: GST Bill- All hurdles cleared?
Story 6: Targeting individual over Sexual Orientation
Story 7: Who can stop trump
Story 8 : Face Extreme Weather Conditions in India.docx
Story 9: Education Is The Weapon That Can Change The World
Story 10: Should Educational Qualification Be Made Mandatory For Politicians?”
Story 11: Terraforming
Story 12: The Asian Skycraper Mania
Story 13: Where Adult Fear to Tread
Story 14: Peer Pressure
Story 15: Vocal Wisdom
Story 16: Pseudonyms
Story 17: The 10 Percent Brain Myth
Story 18: Baby, You Can Take My Heart (I am Getting a Transplant !)
Story 19: Whats on and Whats Off?
Story 20: The Second World War
Story 21: The Reality Circus
Story 22: Is the Keyboard Mightier than the Pen?
Story 23: Smartness is a many Splendored Thing
Story 24: The Battle of Brands
Story 25: Flying in Red Ink
Story 26: Home Smart Home
Story 27: The Shakespeare Controversy
Story 28: Are 3d Movies worth it?
Story 29: Prisoners of Cyberia
Story 30: The Gifts of War
Story 31: Celebrating their Way to the Banks
Story 32: The Glass Ceiling
Story 33: Technology Leapfrogging
Story 34: Shopaholism
Story 35: The Killer Sports
Story 36: Stereotypes
Story 37: Lean and Mean I’m Polythene
Story 38: The Statistical Liar
Story 39: The Cold War
Story 40: Are Newspapers also an Endangered Species?
Story 41: Politically Correct
Story 42: Are We Getting Taller?
Story 43: Peculiar Social Customs
Story 44: What is Hypnosis?
Story 45: Idiot Box Turns Brainy Beauty
Story 46: Canine Commando
Story 47: The Homemaker Entrepreneur
Story 48: China, The Second Super Power
Story 49: Extinction of Species
Story 50 :Going to the Movies

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