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Baal Vikaas avum Shikshan Shastra Paper 1 & 2 for CTET & STET Hindi 5th Edition

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"The thoroughly Revised & Updated 5th edition of the book 'Baal Vikaas avum Shikshan Shastra for CTET & STET (Paper 1 & 2)' provides exclusive treatment to the subject with special emphasis upon Child Development, Inclusive Education, Learning and the Pedagogical Issues. The book is updated with past papers of CTET some STET papers. The book has been divided into 9 chapters. For each chapter an exhaustive theory has been provided which covers the complete syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE/ NCERT/ NCF 2005. This is followed by 2 sets of exercises. Exercise 1 contains a set of MCQs from the PREVIOUS YEAR Question Papers of CTET and various STET's. Exercise 2, "TEST YOURSELF" provides carefully selected MCQs for practice. The book is a must for all the candidates appearing in Paper 1 and 2 of the CTET and all State TETs. The book is 100% useful for UPTET, HTET, MPTET, CGTET, UKTET, HPTET, BTET, PTET and other STET's."
"Table of Contents 1. Baal Vikas 2. Samajikaran Prakriya 3. Baal Kendrit Shiksha and Pragitishil Shiksha 4. Buddhi Nirman and Bahuaayami Buddhi 5. Samaweshi Shiksha 6. Shikshan Adhigam ki mool Prakriyaein 7. Abhiprerna and Adhigam 8. Aaklan and Moolyankan 9. Bhartiyiya Shiksha ke Vikaas ke kuch pramukh Ghatnakram"
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