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Bhugol Compendium for IAS Prelims Samanya Adhyayan Paper 1 & State PSC Exams


Bhugol Compendium for IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 1 & State PSC Exams has been prepared with enormous efforts for all IAS aspirants, State PCS and other competitive exams. The book is prepared on the concept "Latest Information - Authentic Data". The book is divided into 26 chapters followed by 2 levels of exercises with 1000+ Simple MCQs & statement based MCQs. The book not only covers 100% syllabus but is also covered with Mind Maps, Infographics, Charts, Tables and latest exam pattern MCQs. The emphasis of the book has been on conceptual understanding and better retention which are important from the point of view of the exam. The book captures most of the important questions with explanations of the past years of the IAS Prelim exam, CDS, NDA and other competitive exams distributed in the various chapters. 

Table of Contents
1. Bhramaand aur Prithvi
2. Bhoo-Aakriti avum Uska Badalta Swaroop
3. Vaayumandal aur Uska Sanghathan
4. Suryatap, Ushma Santulan avum Taapmaan
5. Vaayumandalye Daab avum Pawane
6. Vaayumandaliye Aadrata, Sanghathan avum Varshan
7. Vishwa ke Mahadeep
8. Vishwa Ka Mausam avum Jalvayu
9. Vishwa ke Mahasagar
10. Vishwa ke Mittiyan
11. Prakartik Vanaspati, Vanya Jeev Tatha Ghaas Bhumiya
12. Vishwa main Krishi, Jal prabhandan thatha Pramukh Faslen
13. Vishwa main Khanij Sansadhan avum Shakti/ Urjaa Sansadhan
14. Vishwa ke Pramukh Udhyog
15. Manav Sansadhan, Manav Prajatiya avum Bastiyan
16. Bharat ka Samanya Parichaya
17. Bharat: Sanrachna Tatha Bhoo-Aakartiyan
18. Apvaah Tantra
19. Bharat ki Jalvaayu
20. Bharat ke Mittiya
21. Bharat ki Prakartik Vanaspati, Vanya Jeev
22. Bharat main krishi avum Sichai
23. Bharat main Krishi avum Urjaa Sansadhan
24. Parivahan avum Sanchaar
25. Bharat main Vinirmaan udhyog
26. Jansankhya

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