5 Mistakes to Avoid in CBSE Board Exams

Mistakes to Avoid in CBSE Board Exams

The board exams are fast approaching as we enter 2019 and we hope you are in the right gear of preparation. The Date sheets have been released and you can view the CBSE board exams date sheet here.

There are times when a student unknowingly makes mistakes which may result in loss of marks. The loss of marks is often avoidable.

Here, we bring to you 5 mistakes to avoid during CBSE board exams –

  • Time Management – You get reading time of 15 minutes, utilise it! The reading time given is not to doodle on the question paper but to read the questions. Read the questions and figure out the easy and difficult ones. This will help you map your time to improve your score.
  • Crossing the word limit – Even if you know the answer and more, you do not have to write the more. This can’t be put enough emphasis upon but STICK TO THE WORD LIMIT. If there is no word limit given, make on for yourself by seeing the marks every question has.
  • Data Copying – if you have a numerical or statistical data in the question, make sure to copy the data from the question paper correctly. If you have any doubt about the data, ask the invigilator.
  • Sentence formation – NO teacher is going to read an answer lasting pages. DISECT YOUR ANSWER, make paragraphs, add bullet points, make it pleasing to the eye of the teacher marking your sheet.
  • Rechecking – yes, you need to recheck the answers. Do not recheck every answer immediately after you have attempted it. Recheck after you have finished the paper and have ample time, go through it once briefly and then get back to long answers. The long answers are where most mistakes lie, rectify them.

Best of luck to you for your exam!

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