5 Revolutionary Changes that AI will bring in education sector for YOUR children! (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making a buzz recently and India has formulated a national strategy for the same to be applied in core areas of strategic relevance. Well, this is well known to us that The world is fast-paced and there is no doubt that the coming few years will be a revolutionary era with Internet of Things and machines replacing manual labour and serving our purposes in a blink of an eye. So, India is no exception here.

For India’s Economic Transformation, a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was constituted on 24th August 2017, which gave its report on 19th January 2018 and has recommended an Inter-Ministerial National Artificial Intelligence Mission to act as a nodal agency for coordinating AI related activities in India. The recommendations of the Task Force have been shared with various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India.

On 8th February, 2018, in the meeting of Committee of Secretaries, NITI Aayog has been tasked with formulation of a National Strategy Plan for AI in consultation with Ministries and Departments, concerned academia and private sector.

On 4th June 2018 a discussion paper on National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence was published on its website; identifying following five sectors to be focused upon: Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Smart Cities and Infrastructure, Smart Mobility and Transportation.

This action prompts us to think that Education is likely to go under major transformation in years to come.

Education and AI in India and how it will upgrade learning for you

AI has major focus on adaptive learning tools. These tools are predominantly inclined to customize learning and intelligent interactive tutoring systems. This will help address the challenges like low retention rates in rural schools and poor learning outcomes. Artificial intelligence will make revolutionary changes in education system in terms of:

  • Digitally Smart Content:

With advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, we can digitalize textbooks or create learning digital interfaces that are relevant to students of all age and grades.

  • Objective and impartial assessment:

AI will provide for uninterrupted, systematic and detailed assessment of students. AI endorses assessment solution that runs a robust database and analytics engine at the core. It can analyse millions of complex patterns in the individual learning and assess the learner accordingly. There would be no scope for subjective intrusions in the assessments of students’ performance.

  • Elevation in teacher’s role:

Introduction of Artificial intelligence, instead of taking away opportunities from teachers will open doors more dimensions of work opportunities. AI allows automation of administrative tasks paving way for teachers to work more effectively. They can play their real role as mentors and motivator to learners. This could lead to a significant rise in quality of education and reshape the future.

  • Personalized learning:

 With artificial intelligence, we can apply high degree of personalized learning wherein each student learns at her pace and strengthen their weakness. Such a learning solution can evaluate the understanding of a student about each part of curriculum and highlight that are not already mastered. At the same time, it also supplements the effort of a human teacher.

  • AI will also identifying classroom shortcomings:

AI will parallel work in the classroom with major synchronisation goals. For instance, AI will identify when groups of students miss certain questions, letting the teacher know when material needs to be re-taught, engage in the formation and reformation of goals. In this way, AI will also hold teachers accountable and strengthen best teaching practices.

People around the globe are divided on the opinion about having AI in our life. For some, it is like inviting a Demon and others are referring to it as a guiding angel. Future has a lot to unfold here. Though artificial intelligence cannot replace human teachers, but it will definitely supplement and support the teaching practice and make it effective in terms of accuracy and scientific backing.

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