BITSAT and VITEEE Trend Analysis

BITSAT – Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani and VIT – Vellore Institute of Technology, both are highly prestigious national level examinations held at national level every year. Both the universities offer degree programmes in Engineering, Sciences, Technology, Pharmacy, Management and Humanities.

The BITSAT 2019 exams are scheduled from 16 May to 26 May, 2019. The VITEEE 2019 entrance exams will be conducted online from 10 April to 21 April, 2019. Since these are private engineering universities, so there eligible percentage is very high and therefore the competition is at a very advanced level. Students check the trend analysis of previous years in order to understand the pattern of exams and score the highest.


PHYSICS– Many students found the Physics paper from moderate to difficult level. There were a lot of calculation based questions which made the paper very time consuming and lengthy. 19 questions came from 11th class and 21 questions were from 12th class syllabus. The maximum weight age was given to question from Electricity and Magnetism. The least weight age was from topics of Heat & Thermodynamics, SH & Waves, Modern Physics and Optics. There were 11 questions from Mechanics and 4 from Modern Physics. Students are advised to revise chapters of Electrostatics and Magnetic Field.

CHEMISTRY– Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry was much easier than the General and Organic Chemistry. Chemistry had 17 questions from class 11th and 23 questions from class 12th syllabus. Most of the questions were from Organic and General Chemistry. There were a total of 18 questions from Physical Chemistry.

MATHEMATICS–  The mathematics section had more questions from class 11th. Total of 25 questions were from 11th class and only 15 questions were from 12th class syllabus. Topics like Application of Derivatives, basic formulas, calculation based questions are important to revise again and again.

ENGLISH – The total number of questions was 25, out of which 10 questions came from English Proficiency, 15 from Logical Reasoning and 2 questions came from Synonyms & Antonyms. The Reading comprehension questions were quite easy to solve.

LOGICAL REASONING – Unexpectedly, most of the questions in logical reasoning were quite lengthy and tricky. Topics like Family tree, completing a sequence and logical deduction were there to complete before time.


PHYSICS- VITEEE 2018 examinations proved to be not that difficult for students. There are always some questions that are lengthy and tricky but this year the questions were easy to complete on time. Students are advised to study and learn all formulas. Direct formulas are quite often asked as well as conceptual questions were easy to attempt.

CHEMISTRY– If students have revised conceptual questions then the Chemistry exam of 2018 was very easy because 80% of the questions were conceptual. Inorganic and Physical Chemistry were only 5 to 6 and rest of the Organic questions were quite easy to answer.

MATHS– It is always good to prepare well by practicing from solved papers and mock tests. 2018 maths examination had lots of tricky as well as lengthy questions.

ENGLISH– Students were able to easily answer and complete all questions of English subject before time.

The subjects and syllabus of BITSAT and VITEEE are the same. The difference is only in the pattern of questions and if students strategize their answer with proper time management then it becomes quite easy to attempt all questions. A lot of practice from solved papers and mock tests is helpful in giving confidence to students while preparing for BITSAT and VITE examinations.

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