DU adopts Choice based credit system


There had long been confusion regarding the adoption of the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) which was finally removed with a formal announcement by the Delhi University of the decision to implement it starting academic session 2015-2016. Initially, there had been a number of disagreements by Abha Dev Habib, Ajay K Bhagi and court members Rajesh Gogna, Ajay Kumar and JL Gupta including stating undemocratic nature of implementation as the reason. Certain college authorities and staff also predicted its failure like the FYUP. The resolution for its implementation was, however, passed by an executive council.

According to the Government, implementing CBCS will allow seamless mobility across higher education institutions, choose multidisciplinary subjects and even let students transfer the credits earned in one institution. Choice Based Credit System will allow students to study core, elective and enhancement courses which will be marked on the basis of a grading system. This is will allow students to complete course from various institutions by just transferring credits.

This decision has not only saved the university from all the flak it received for its decisiveness, it shall also enable the colleges and students to devise a structure, syllabus and time tables accordingly.

This resolution is now subject to the directive by the University Grants Commission which had earlier pressed upon each college having its own set of guidelines to give a unique characteristic to it.

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