Education system in India

Education system in India has been subjected to a constant scrutiny by West, over the recent years, owing to its rat-race notion, where securing high percentile is need of the hour and clearly, cramming and learning have become two different things.

Recent FYUP’s rollback by Delhi University further testified to the fact that caving in to international Under Graduate courses pattern as opposed to 10+2+3 structure didn’t prove to be much effective in India. Undoubtedly though, science and mathematics are two subjects which have outsourced many Indians worldwide, as engineers and reputed scientists, thus proving that the education system isn’t that fatal in here.
Yet, the question that looms large is how to create an efficient learning process which rather focuses on out-of-the-box thinking than mere rote learning.
Currently, 80% of all schools in India are governments schools, yet, privately owned schools are preferred by those who have better means, solely due to the poor quality of education govt. schools have. Things are to be taken care of at grass-root levels too. Primary and secondary education is as much significant as higher education is.

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