Google’s Major Business Stint

Google Drive

While android and other various operating systems are trending these days with several apps to go, Google is trying its best to beat its counterparts with education force. Recently, Google launched ‘Drive for Education’ initiative where students using Google apps for educational purpose can get unlimited storage access via Google apps for education and the best part is that it is going to be free of cost given it’s accessed by non-profit educational institutions, much less schools.

Google Drive has ensured that all the files are stored and synchronized well, thus enabling Google’s cloud storage and file sharing of the users. Thus office suite, Gmail and other storage areas provided by Google, have a storage limit of up to 5TB. However, in case of apps for education, Google had given ’30GB’ storage limit to the students, which is likely to go unlimited by the end of the year, giving students a chance to maximize their utilization as much effectively as possible. This is definitely going to increase the cloud storage services and Google is going to benefit from this relatively higher than before.

It is yet to be seen how Google drive’s initiative projects itself in the education through ‘drive for education’ and how much it succeeds in implementing the right thing which proves to be useful enough for students.

Google has hinted that it is also trying to come up with providing free access to Google apps vault for archive feasibility for Gmail’s and chats for educational users along with enhanced auditing support though the ambiguity related to exactly when it will be available also lies there.

Schools will now be encouraged to use Google apps for education given the possibility that Google has now come up with, i.e. – unlimited storage. This Drive for education is likely to get many responses from across the world. Google had earlier launched ‘drive for work’ where entrepreneurs could get unlimited storage facility with Google cloud storage by paying a nominal amount of $10 per month though ‘drive for education’ seems to be a humanitarian approach by Google this time as the company has decided to provide it to the schools for free.

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