Greatest Mathematicians of India from Ancient to Modern India

Ramanujan Biography

From introducing the decimal number system to the genesis of ‘Zero’, India, over centuries, has produced a gamut of remarkable genius in Mathematics. Here are the top 5 Famous Indian mathematicians of all time we have for you who have led a mathematical revolution in the entire world.


Born in 476 CE, Aryabhata was one of the few mathematicians of India, who had successfully made their mark across the world for propagating certain theories of mathematics which till today are followed in mathematics. He was also one of the earliest persons to have come up with the value of ‘pi’.

About Aryabhata
Mathematician Aryabhata

2.S. Ramanujan
Born on 22 December 1887 in Madras Presidency (now Tamil Nadu), Srinivasa Ramanujan was one of the impeccable genius of the country. After failing in English while giving Intermediate exams, he continued his self-study on mathematics, eventually coming up with 120 theorems which he sent to Professor Hardy of Cambridge. Impressed with him, Hardy invited Ramanujan to Cambridge. In Cambridge, under Hardy’s guidance, Ramanujan invented numerous formulae and contributed a significant lot to Mathematics. At a young age of 32, he died of malnutrition and possibly an infected liver.

Ramanujan Biography
Ramanujan Mathematician

3.K. S. Chandrasekharan
Born on 21 November 1920, K.S Chandrasekharan is one of the most renowned Scientists as well as Mathematicians of India, who has made a mark in Mathematics by working on number theory and summability and is, by far, considered to be the most successful editor of Journal of Indian Mathematical Society. In 012 owing to his overall contribution in Mathematics, he became a fellow of American Mathematical Society.

K Chandrasekharan
Komaravolu S. Chandrasekharan


Born somewhere between 596-598 CE, Brahmagupta devised a number so significant that it created history in the world of Mathematics. Along with multiple Algebra theories, one of his most significant works would be the formulation of ‘ Zero’. His invention of theory of cyclic quadrilaterals has also been regarded as one of the mathematical breakthroughs.

Brahmagupta Biography
Biography of Brahmagupta

5.C.R Rao

Born on 10 september 1920, C.R Rao is an Indian-born scientist and Mathematician who has been awarded with notable prizes including Padma Vibhushan for his contribution to Mathematics majorly because of Cramer- Rao bound and the Rao-blackwell Theoram . C.R Rao has received over 37 Honorary Degrees from over 19 countries across the world. Presently, he is professor emeritus at Penn State University and Research professor at state Buffalo University.

C.R Rao Mathematician
CR Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics
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