How to Crack Banking Interviews?

How to crack banking interviews

Banking interviews are the last step in the three step hurdle to the quintessential and lucrative banking job. After clearing prelims and mains, the qualified candidates are called for interviews. But mere name of interview horrifies most of the candidates. They struggle to find a way to ace them.

At this point of time, it is very important to impress the interviewer who is the deciding factor of your future. It is the direct outcome of all the hard work that you have pitched in for getting into the banking sector.

However, before you prepare yourself for the final interview; it is very important to understand that banking sector is a public dealing sector. You are bound to meet many people from different backgrounds on a daily basis.

To represent banking sector, the aspirants must have few key skills. These key skills are:

  • Honesty- towards the job and the public in general
  • Confidence- in yourself and your knowledge
  • Good conduct
  • Good communication skills- In banking industry, a banker is assumed to be well proficient in English and Hindi languages.
  • Clarity of thoughts to maintain proper work ethics and conduct
  • Work ethics
  • Seriousness about job

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During the banking recruitments, the aspirants are judged on the basis of their knowledge, overall conduct which includes your dressing up, your general awareness and your promptness.

Key Points to learn How to Crack Banking Interviews

  1. POWER DRESSING: First impression is the last impression. The easiest way to impress the interviewer is by dressing up smartly for the interview. Be neat and clean with properly trimmed hair and nails. The clothes should be ironed and shoes polished. It is important to dress up formally with a formal shirt, coat and a tie. Neither you should stink nor be using too much of perfume as it could be a distraction.
  2. BRUSH UP YOUR BASIC ETIQUETTES: One should show basic etiquettes in front of the interviewers.
    • Take permission before entering the room.
    • Shake hands and greet the interviewers.
    • Take permission to sit down.
    • Carry a copy of resume and related certificates.
    • Introduce yourself. The introduction should be short and crisp and should not involve unnecessary information.
    • Carry a pen and blank paper.
  3. RIGHT POSTURE: Right posture depicts your alertness and attentiveness.
    • Sit straight with hands on the table or on your lap. Lean forward a little bit as it shows attentiveness.
    • Make eye contacts and smile in between.

Being confident is the key to crack the banking interview. For the group discussion part, share your view point in firm and bold manner to make an impact. Be explanative about the stand you take. The interviewer can cross question you about your stand, so be clear of what you are saying.

Be well equipped with the current affairs and knowledge of banking sector as they are the favourite questions asked by the interviewers. Get yourself thorough in controversial topics doing the rounds at the national and international level. Prepare for open ended questions. It is also very important to know about the job profile. Search about the roles and responsibilities which you need to play if you get the job.

Mock interviews: Mock interviews help you to get used to environment and pressure of the real interview scenario. Think from the perspective of both the interviewer and interviewee to get a taste of what can be asked. Also see mock group discussion videos and note down the important pointers.

Lastly, it is extremely important to stay calm and composed on the day of interview. Being stressed can hamper your performance and also lower your moral and confidence.

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