How to Attempt Assertion-Reasoning Question for AIIMS?

How to Attempt Assertion Reasoning Question for aiims

Assertion Reason types of questions are often asked in AIIMS exam, with almost 60 questions (Physics 20, Biology 20, Chemistry 20). A good majority of students find it rather complex to answer these assertion reason type question for AIIMS. Students are often faced with the difficulty in connecting the facts and finding solutions of the questions.

Before learning the traits on how to attempt assertion reasoning questions for AIIMS, let’s get some of the basics things cleared in our mind. 

Be Clear with the Basics:

Get these concepts well-fixed into the mind, before solving:

What is Assertion? And, what are the elements in assertion-reasoning questions?

  1. Assertion simply means “a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief”.
  2. Elements:
  • Candidates are provided with a “STATEMENT”. The statement presents an opinion or a fact or a comment.
  • The other statement is “REASON”.
  • The STATEMENT and REASON forms a pair, which may or may-not have a relation between the two. 

How to Attempt Assertion Reasoning Questions?

With this little understanding the above elements, here is how to attempt the assertion reasoning questions for AIIMS exam:

  1. The ASSERTION is a STATEMENT, and the REASON has to be defending the STATEMENT or be the immediate cause for it. This is the common mistake to be avoided.
  2. This has to be kept in mind: “REASON” should or must be the correct explanation of the ASSERTION.
  3. Importantly, both STATEMENT and REASON may not have the same topic, but it does not matter.
  4. Practical Tips:
  • Have strong concepts
  • Know the theory of each Topic of the syllabus
  • Read all the chapters of NCERT line by line, learn every concept and the reasons dealt therein.
  • Practice as many questions as possible. This will help you to clear the difficult questions by finding solutions, as it is rather difficult to find whether or not the statement given is the reason of the first.

These are some to the key points to be kept in mind, while attempting to solve the assertion-reasoning based questions for AIIMS. The ability to distinguish between the statement and the reason, or finding a connection between them will give chances of scoring full marks in this segment of question pattern.

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