How to prepare for AIIMS GK in the Last 1 Week?

How to prepare for AIIMS Gk in one week 2019

With just a week left, how will you prepare for AIIMS General Knowledge?  GK is a section in AIIMS which has 20 questions worth 20 marks. Hence, it contributes to 10% of total marks. Though, apparently it is not much in terms of marks, but in the close competition like AIIMS MBBS Admission, these marks matter a lot.

Coming to the GK part, it may be noted that GK is of two types:

  • Current Affairs
  • Static GK

Current affairs part includes the events that have taken place recently – in past year or two. Whereas Static GK consists of static facts like people, places, things.

Here are some important tips that will come handy to prepare for the AIIMS exam in less than a week:

AIIMS Previous years questions papers: Check out all the previous questions papers. This will give you a fair idea of the section.

Important appointments – India/ International: In order to keep yourself updated with all important appointments in India and internationally, make a list from some reputed newspapers during the last 6-7 months.

A list of the India/ international awards:  Make a list of winners from India/ international in all the major fields like sports, literature, science, movies and others. Know the ‘First achievers’ in various feats.

Yearbooks: The Yearbooks help a lot. Read a few of them and make notes.

Exchange information with peers: GK is a subject of lengthy discussion. So, talk to your peers about any topic in GK. Exchange information with them.

Logical Reasoning & Aptitude questions: These questions test your common sense from the figures – find the odd one out, find the mirror image and pick the right one out from two supporting statements.

Last, GK is a subject where you can score really well if you keep abreast of the current events around you. All the Best!

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