How to Prepare for English Proficiency, Quant & Logical Reasoning for JIPMER?


The Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER) has over the years stood as a towering figure, by being one of the top five medical institutes in the country. JIPMER annually conducts its own medical entrance exam for student desiring to pursue their dream.

We bring your practical ways/steps to prepare, and clear these subjects: English Proficiency, Quant & Logical Reasoning for JIPMER. 

STEP 1: Important Topics/Syllabus for English & Comprehension-

Everyone looks for important topics while preparing for exams. Important topics demand our undivided attention and more focus. It is those topics which are asked very often in the exam. Here are the highlights of the complete syllabus and most important topics in English & Comprehension for JIPMER exams.

  1. Syllabus:

Listed below is an overview of the entire syllabus. 

 Part 1 Reading passages and Note-making
 Part 2 Writing skills
 Part 3 Literature and long reading text

Note: English section also covers synonyms, antonyms and some vocabulary exercises. English Proficiency is tested on these topics.

  1. Analysis of Past Papers Important Topics:

Listed below are topics which invariably carry a good number of questions:

  • Vocabulary: synonyms, Antonyms & Misspelt Words
  • Fill in the blanks(choosing the correct word to complete the sentence)
  • Para-jumbles
  • Spot Errors
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Comprehension(as in syllabus)

STEP 2: Important Topics for Quant & Logical Reasoning

To help students make the time of preparation rewarding, our experts have listed below some of the important chapter for JIPMER- Quant & Logical Reasoning. This is brought out from the analysis of the past year’s question papers.

Find the list of important Topics for this subject:

  • Analogy
  • Coding & Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Classifications
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Series Completion
  • Directions & Spaces
  • Calendar & Clock Tests

How do you go along with these important topics mentioned above?

To help your decision & to find a good ground for preparation in the subjects of English Proficiency, Quant & Logical Reasoning, here are some practical tips.

STEP 3: How to Crack JIPMER (English Proficiency, Quant & Logical Reasoning): Preparation Tips

With exams knocking at the door, preparation tips are highly imperative to avoid poor performance. If you want to be ahead of other, make a better plan to perform the best.

And if you don’t have one, these below-listed tips will be of great help for you. 

  • A proper timetable/study plan for these subjects:

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Student who fail to make a concert study plan, are just planning to fail. A realistic and proper timetable is must for students. Allocate good time for English Proficiency, Quant & Logical Reasoning.

The basic thing is to write a clear and practical study plan, which gives enough time for each subject. Following your own whims and moods in study does not grant the crown of success.

  • Learning of Basic Concepts of English Proficiency, Quant & Logical Reasoning:

In the course of preparation, it is observed that students directly go ahead with trying to solve the most difficult and complicated questions, without learning the basic concept of the syllabus and the chapters. Hence, they find it tough to carry on with the rest of the topics. Thus, learning the basic concepts is must and necessary.

Here are the Basic concepts:

  1. English Proficiency: Reading passages, synonyms, antonyms and some vocabulary exercises etc.
  2. Quant & Logical Reasoning: Analogy, Logical Deduction, Figure formation & figure matrix etc.
  • Effective book on English Proficiency, Quant & Logical Reasoning:

Give yourself to regular practice of more effective books. The more your practice on vocabulary and logical reasoning, the greater you have the chances of solving them in the exam.

Disha’s “Guide to English Proficiency, Logic & Quantitative Reasoning for JIPMER with Past & Practice Papersis one of its kinds, which you can effectively use. 

  • Time management:

The basic skill required for any student is time management. Time management plays a vital role in deciding the pace of your success. The student who does not know time management is very likely to fail. This in its essence means, how to cover the range of questions well-touched in a given time frame. It also includes finding time to revise the paper very submission. 

You will be able to know the expected questions, only if you have given enough time on the previous year papers/questions on these subjects.

Practicing them also helps in the revision and boosts the confidence level.

  • Consistency

Tiny droplets of water, hallows the hardest of rock, due to its consistent fall over it. In the line of preparation students can’t miss this truth from the harmless droplets of water. Consistency is the art to getting your dreams transform into reality. It means to keep the same level of motivation every day, and dispose oneself to regular follow of the study plan on these subjects.

  • Mock tests

Astronauts before embarking into space, have to undergo rigorous space-like environment training to be able to combat the unprecedented eventualities that may arise in the space.

Participating in number of Mock tests on English Proficiency, Quant & Logical reasoning will keep you better prepared with the same exam-like environment, and makes your immune to the stress which everyone confronts. 


No preparation tips or important concepts in it-self are a magic wand. Just a mere reading does make you a successful student, unless you learn these principles and apply them in your preparation.

Learn the best of these tips to crack JIPMER with special focus on English Proficiency, Quant & Logical reasoning, and take success by the collar. Opportunity once missed never comes in the same way. Let not this opportunity to give your success just go by. Rather, recall them as often as you can, and success will come right into your home.

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