Step by Step Guide on How to Score 600+ in NEET Exam 2019

Step by Step Guide on How to Score 600+ in NEET Exam 2019

The number of students appearing for NEET exam is increasing every year. Aspirants desiring to fulfil the dreams of becoming doctor need to make a right strategy to be ahead in the competition. This year the exam is scheduled on 5 May, 2019, and time is knocking at the door. The level of nervousness is increasing, so there is the need for a refined strategy on how to score 600+ in NEET exam.

Before getting into the step, here is an outline of the marks to be obtained in the NEET exam:

  1. Chemistry – 160 out of 180
  2. Physics : 150 out of 180
  3. Biology : 340 out of 360

To make the task of securing marks easier and enhancing the process of preparation, here are the basic techniques & tips for NEET 2019, you need to take into. This has got enough capacity to transform your potential into performance. It would not only help you to crack the exam, but help you fetch marks above 600. Here are the step by step instructions.

NEET Overview: 

An overview of NEET exam is the most fundamental of all. This is an add-on to the motivation and confidence to prepare for the exam. Overview of the exam gives the understanding of the type of questions and the patterns that are asked in the previous years. Get a fine comprehension will give the mastery that is required to excel with flying colours in the exam, 600 above to be exact. We have prepared the most updated overview for your help. Explore and benefit much: NEET Overview

Techniques & Tips for NEET 2019

Competitive exams are in themselves sufficiently tough, why to make it harder with wrong strategy. Acquiring the right techniques and tips will get you faster than the rest of the candidates. It is a sure guarantee to take you ahead in the fulfilment of your dreams. Here are the tips for the preparation:

  1. In-depth awareness of the Syllabus:

Having an in depth awareness of the syllabus is the biggest asset you can have. With the syllabus at the back of your mind, it is easier to list out the topics and find connections to different concepts. Find the syllabus for your preparation: NEET Syllabus 2019 

  1. Making Notes:

Notes are very important to remember the important points and present answer systematically in the exams. A proper outlining of the notes gives better understanding. For the purpose of fostering systematized presentation of concepts, we have prepared the right way to keep notes in the chapters. More so, it is help for the last-minute revision for the exam. Get the NEET concepts notes with us.

  1. Taking Mock Test:

Mock test helps to locate the areas of difficulty and also you will be able to have an understanding of the types of questions asked in the examination. This helps you to acquire the most essential qualities of time management, speed with accuracy. Mock test is the best way to know and cover the entire syllabus. Give yourself to free mock test for NEET 2019 with us and increase the efficiency in securing higher than 600 marks. Attending in mock test also gives an analysis of the performance in view of the exams.

  1. Solved Question Papers:

The previous year’s questions papers are a great help to understand the exam. It is the most vital part of the exam preparation. It helps you to get an overview of the exam, and its question pattern, the level of difficulty and finding its importance. Give a new boost into your preparation with NEET solved papers.

  1. Helpful study Materials:

Too often we load our desk and our mind with a great collection of irrelevant study materials. The best way is to make right choice in getting the helpful materials and begin in earnest for the preparation. To make your work easier, here are some the most helpful and easy materials prepared by experts in the field. You can profit immensely from NEET study materials 2019.

You can also find a list of other relevant free downloads study material for NEET pdf.

Apply these step by step guides into your preparation and see the difference. These guide on how to score 600+ in NEET exam, is a sure guarantee to realize your dreams. Flame your zeal and ambition with these tips and be the beneficiaries.

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