2015 IAS topper Ira Sehgal has suggested to make major changes in the educational system to make classrooms all inclusive. She has advised that teachers should be trained to be able to handle children with special needs. Ira Sehgal created history by being the first differently abled woman to top the UPSC exam in 2015.

According to her to make the classrooms all inclusive there is no need of special educators but compassionate teachers who can be trained to handle the children with difficulties. The teachers should be trained in braille and sign language to handle such children. In fact she even said that special education should be made a part of the regular school teacher training curriculum.

She has even pointed to the attitude of the teachers which is either too strict or too liberal instead of treating special children on an equal platform with the rest of the children.

According to her, our current educational system lacks the correct attitude towards catering to the needs of such children. There can be no tailor made solutions for children with special needs. Every child is unique in his/ her personality.

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