IIT Delhi & IBM Get Together to Take Artificial Intelligence Forward in India

IIT Delhi & IBM association

IIT Delhi and IBM have associated to advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India.

The research team of IBM will collaborate with students and professors from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from IIT-Delhi to boost up Artificial Intelligence in India. They have teamed up to inculcate some important traits like reasoning, comprehension, and interfacing.

The institute is believed to join IBM’s “AI Horizons Network”- which is an international consortium of leading universities that work with the software major in order to develop technologies needed to help fulfil the promise of AI.

The aim is to discover new AI techniques which can help organizations take informed decisions by logical reasoning with the AI systems.

AI solutions will be specifically trained to delve into complex questions using the techniques of natural language and derive novel insights using the domain language of the AI systems.

The research is supposed to further prove beneficial for sectors like healthcare, medicine, finance, and customer support which generally deal with complex questions and require a lot of reasoning.

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