10 IIT Toppers in a Decade & Their Success Mantra

10 IIT Toppers in a Decade

Toppers are the greatest inspiration in the pursuit of excellence in academic life. Learning the success mantra of the most intelligent IIT topper will win you the success you desire. To make the task of finding easier, here is a list of IIT JEE toppers, to learn and emulate their roadmap.

Explore the IIT JEE toppers list year wise and take confidence with you in your preparation.

 IIT Topper 2018:

Name: Pranav Goyal, 17(Rank (AIR) 1, scoring 337 out of 360)

Background: He hails from Chandigarh. He is the son of Pankaj Goyal and Mamta Goyal. He is an avid reader of Indian Mythology, and and read books as a stress buster.

Education: He did his coaching from Sri Chaitanya Institute in Chandigarh.

Secret to Success:

  • Giving adequate amount of focus will help a lot. So be calm always, be focused, & maintain your balance. Pin your faith on the teachers and on their able guidance.
  • Nothing works better than solving past year question papers.
  • He used to study five hours every day for the syllabus.
  • Clear conceptual clarity helped lot. 

IIT Topper 2017:

Name: Sarvesh Mehtani (Rank (AIR) 1)

Background: From Chandigarh

Education: Student of Bhavan Vidyalaya School secured 339 marks in JEE Advanced 2017 and bagged an AIR 55 in JEE Main 2017.

Secret to success: According to him, Amir Khan’s 3 idiots and the dream to study engineering from one of the top engineering institutes of India motivated him to pursue engineering. 

IIT Topper 2016:

Name: Aman Bansal (AIR 1)-(320 marks)

Background: He is from Jaipur.

Education: Student of Kota based Allen Career Institute

Secret to Success:

  • Two mantra: Self-Belief’ & ‘Regular study’. Participation in group discussions the main reason behind his success apart from ‘Self-belief’ and ‘Regular study’.
  • Studied for around 5-6 daily for JEE advanced
  • Doubts ought to be cleared immediately in the classes.

Future Dreams: Aman Bansal wants to become a Computer Engineer.

IIT topper 2015:

Name: Satvat Jagwani (Rank 1- 469 out of 504)

Background: From Satna, Madhya Pradesh

Secret of success:

  • Loving the books- to quote: “Physics and Mathematics are two of my favourite subjects. So, I did not really feel like I was preparing for the examination.”
  • Active and constant support system of parents-teachers helped him to crack the toughest engineering entrance exam
  • Lot of effort for the exam
  • He did not really follow any strict study routine. Kept it simple. He worked on the areas he was weak in and focused on strengthening my strong areas.
  • Revise what is taught in the class, do the home works.
  • Took part in lot of mock test- time management skills acquired/ error rectification/ give boost to confidence whilst scoring well in mock test.
  • Heenjoys solving Sudoku. It is relaxing and also helps stimulating the brain.

Future Dream: He wants specialization Computer science.

Exhortation for You:  To quote his words: Focus on your strengths. Keep practicing and keep revising. To achieve anything you need to work hard.” 

IIT Topper 2014:

Name: Chitarang Murdia

Background: Did 10th from St. Paul senior secondary school, Udaipur with CGPA 10.0. Completed 12th from Delhi Public School, Udaipur and scored 97% of marks

Secret to success:

  • He gives importance on last days study and the minds should be relaxed and stress free before exam.
  • Supportive parents- who showed complete faith
  • Hard work, focus and determination for 2 years
  • Curiosity of exploring the facts, fundamentals and concepts helped in the basic understanding of the subjects. It plays the key role in the exam.
  • Regular study is very important for the success in this exam, and gives emphasis on revision of the coaching materials in the same day.
  • Studied in the slot of 3 hours as the exam is of 3 hours.
  • Last days preparation should be relaxing
  • Keep distance from social media in the time of preparation
  • Give break to your studies by outdoor activities

On Coaching or self-preparation: Coaching helps students in creating the environment and the motivation to go through the whole syllabus. Coaching helps the students in resolving their doubts of the chapters. Self-preparation is useful if the candidate creates this environment and resolves the doubts by own effort-coaching is not necessary. 

IIT Topper 2013:

Name: Pallerla Sai Sandeep Reddy

Background: From Andhra Pradesh

Education: Student of Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy

Secret to Success:

  • Good study plan in accordance with the syllabus
  • Allotment of time on the subjects with the level of difficulty
  • Focus more on topics/subjects you are not good at
  • Time management in preparation and exam
  • Give more concentration on the important topics 

IIT Topper 2012:

Name: Arpit Aggarwal
Background: Arpit belongs to the state of Jharkhand and a resident of Faridabad. He loves reading books on organic chemistry

Education: Student of Modern Vidya Niketan Senior Secondary School

Secret to success:

  • CBSE background helped him crack the exam
  • Practice tests from my coaching institute
  • 2 years is absolutely sufficient- With proper planning and time management
  • Get in touch with good mentors or teachers

IIT Topper 2011:

Name: Prudhvi Tej Immadi

Background: Native of Dwaraka Tirumala in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Even before 2014 placements started, he secured an international job offer at Samsung in South Korea. He even won silver medal in International Physics Olympiad. Prudhvi too won Aditya Birla Scholarship at IIT Bombay in the same year.

Secret of Success:

  • Followed an integrated curriculum for Physics, Chemistry and Maths from Class 11 onwards
  • Spend 6 hours in coaching class everyday and 6 hours study at home
  • Full-length 3-hour mock test once a month
  • 9 hours at home for revision and practice after discontinuing coaching and increased the frequency of taking mock tests to once every week( taken 25-30 full time-bound mock tests)
  • Time-bound mock test is the Right Strategy
  • Practices over and over again 

IIT Topper 2010:

Name: Anumula Jithendar Reddy

Background: Father NIT professor and mother a teacher in a government school

Education:  St Gabriel’s High School in Warangal, a district in Andhra Pradesh

Secret of success:

  • Focused on chemistry which is a dominant subject
  • Relaxed way of preparation with concentrated effort in the exam
  • Clear doubts with your professor

IIT Topper 2009:

Name: Nitin Jain

Secret of success:

  • From the very beginning of his schooling, Nitin Jain Developed interest in studies
  • Time management
  • Read, read and read books
  • Understand the co-relation of concepts with other concepts
  • Consistent support of motivated people at the right moment
  • Consistently positive frame of mind and an unstinting faith in self
  • Three-level Learning Strategy:
  1. self-study
  2. Learning at school- clear doubts
  3. Coaching institute
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