JEE Main 2019 Overview & Eligibility Criteria

Overview and Eligibility of JEE Main 2019

JEE a Main 2019 eligibility criterion is dissected into three parts namely, the Age Limit, Year of Appearance in Qualifying Examination, Number of Subjects in Qualifying Examination.

Age Limit – The age limit is not of the JEE exam but of the college the student wishes to take admission in, anyone having appeared in the class 12th board examination of 2017, 2018 or will be appearing in the current year (2019) is eligible to take the exam. The students should fall into the age category as mentioned in the rules of the college they wish to enter.

Year of Qualifying – The qualifying examination (QE) for JEE main primarily, is Class 12th board or any other exam equivalent to it.  Any person having attempted and passed the qualifying exam in 2017, 2018 or will be attempting the same in 2019 is eligible to take the JEE main. No candidate having taking the QE before 2017 or post 2020 will be eligible for this.

Subjects in QE – There exists a minimum number of subjects to be taken in Qualifying Exam to be eligible for JEE Main. The student must have taken 5 or more subjects to be allowed in the exam.

For the official notification of the same you can download the official notice PDF here – eligibility criteria – the criteria can be found in point 2.9 on page 5 of the document.

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