Key Benefits of Playing Chess for a Student

Key Benefits of playing Chess game

Chess is nicknamed as “the game of kings.” This is because the rulers of Empires and Kingdoms found in this game, a suitable practice for strategizing and forecasting, which they required while dealing with the other monarchs and their challengers. This game has ample benefits in the students’ academic life. Students can drive through these benefits and make it own, rather be glued to the present days distracting online games [technology].

Here are the top key benefits of Playing Chess as a student

Improves students’ IQ [Intelligent Question]

A recent study demonstrated the improvement of IQ in 4000 Venezuelan students (boys and girls), after the chess instruction for 4 months. It is thus not a surprise, how much beneficial it is for students. The moving of the pieces helps in the building the intelligence. Students will greatly improve in IQ. Often said, only smart people play chess.

Increases students’-Solving Skills

Life is no doubt beset with unpredictable problems or obstacles. Too often lacking the skills to solve problems makes the small thing bigger.

The entire frame of Chess increases in the students the solving skills. It helps to solve and move on with solving the problems in studies. Chess makes the student confident, and be a problem-solver in life, and throughout the academic journey.

Improves Students’ Spatial Skills

Chess helps Students to improve their Spatial Skill. The players calculate the variations 10 moves deep, enables to visualize the changes and through analysis picture the position of various moves down the line. All the chess calculations and thinking help in the student to solve the complex problems along with solving the sub-problems.

Memory Improvement in the Student

There is no denying the fact that Chess improves the memory of the students. In the course of the game, a player has to remember the moves of the opponents or anticipate every move of the opponent, 10 moves in anticipation. Studies are all in all relies on the ability to retain information and delivering them when required. There can be nothing better than this to improve this aspect of the student.

Exercises both sides of the brain in Students

A detail German-study made, discovered, that both sides of the players brain equally function when they were given the positions and geometric shapes to identify. For students, studies are filled with retention of information; exercising both sides of the brain will make the whole task smooth.

Improves Reading Skills in Students

A study made by Dr. Stuart Margulies in 1991, observed the remarkable improvement of 53 elementary school students after a Chess program, in comparison to those who did not. The study concluded that playing chess increased the improvement in reading skills of the students.

Students must not miss this opportunity to improve their reading skills through this wonderful game.

Increases Creativity in students

If you understand the composition of the brain, there are over 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections and is the vital organ in our body. Made up of two sides, there is a huge difference in how they work and how they respond to information. The left-side takes care of the analytical and methodical thinking and the right-side for Creativity and artistic thinking. Studies show the rise in the creativity level of students who were in 32 weeks Chess program. Creativity in the students is so much important to keep things to its original.

Prevents Alzheimer in students

The brain needs exercise to be healthy and protect against possible injury.  Unused muscles in the body lose its strengths; likewise, the brain too needs to be used in the right manner. The study made by Dr. Robert Freidland observed that unused brain tissue often leads to the loss of brain power. This is helpful for the students, as it exercises the mind of the students in the right way, and prevent from the possibility of developing Alzheimer.

Improves Concentration in students

Students require a lot of concentration in understanding the lessons of the syllabus. The beauty of Chess is that it requires the highest amount of concentration in the game. Playing Chess and be distracted with something else is entirely impossible. Looking away and being distracted would invariably result in the loss of a match.

Studies conducted in student in numerous countries like U.S, Russia & China, etc, showed that Chess sharpens the students’ ability to focus and remain concentrated.

Teaches planning and foresight for students

Planning and foresight are very important in the life of students. Throughout the student life, every activity involves planning and clear foresight.  Chess teaches both planning and foresight in the students.  It makes you prepared with the right planning, especially with the preparation of chapters in the course of studies. Moreover, it helps students to tackle the difficulties and problems encountered in students’ life. Students should learn this trait and be prepared for all the things to come, with the right approach.

Learn these wonderful things from Chess and make the best of what it has to offer. Your life as a student will be different and have the required perspective all the days to come.

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