Last minute tips and tricks to crack CDS exam


1) First, the candidate needs to be aware of the criteria of the written examination CDS. The CDS is divided into three main sections:

i) Vocabulary: has 120 questions that are based on grammar rules, vocabulary, finding errors and comprehension.

ii) General Knowledge: consists of 120 questions that include history,    current affairs, geography, computers, Indian constitution, science, etc.

iii) Mathematics: has 100 questions and contains basic mathematics like algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics.

2) Thoroughly understanding the criteria, candidates must Start preparing from now onwards.

3) In the exam, give equal time for all the three papers.

4) Practice enough to have command over some specific topics like trigonometry, geometry and number system.

5) While reading newspaper, note down important happenings and maintain a record book for this. This needs to be done so that in the time close to exam, you don’t panic searching for what you need to revise.

6) Practice daily using CDs and practice books.

7) Learn and mug up some important historical events.

8) Its extremely important to know the basics about planning commission/finance commission/pay commissions/law commissions etc

9) It’s a must to know about the production of metals and ores in different parts of India. A map to locate such reservoirs is often given in the exam to test candidates’ knowledge.

We are providing last minute tips and tricks for candidates who are going to appear for CDS Exam.General Knowledge 2016

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